PORCHESON PS660AM controller

PORCHESON PS660AM controller

Model NO.: PS660AM
Injection Molding Machine Control System 
MS500/MS210APS660BM /MK110ML600B/MK110MC300AM/MS210APS330BM/MK108


·ARM processor, stable system, low system failure rate

·Classic mature design and production plan,Enduring

·Easy operation and maintenance

·Multilayer protection, safe and reliable

·Quick response to customer site requirements

·User software redevelopment supported to protect clients' core technology


Brand  Porcheson
Host model  PS660AM
Programming software

  PsMagic V3.28 (support user’s secondary development, language: ladder

  diagram +C language)

Performance  CPU: ARM; 32nd CPU; program scanning cycle: 1.2ms
Analog input

  Position transducer: 0~2.5V, 3 channels single transducer, precision: 12bit,   

  Sampling period: 100KSPS

  Pressure detection: 0~10V
Temperature control

  4segments, self-learning PID control, display precision: 0.1℃, sensor type: K


Voltage output  2 channels 16bit 0→10v with the fastest rising speed being 300ms
Current input  2 channels closed loop(0-1A),2 channels PWM(0-1A)
Input I  24 channels wet contact (NPN), Short circuit protection
Output O

  24 channela high power transistor with direct fuel valve, 

  drive capability 4.5A (full load test)

  9channels other 24V low power output:motor, lubrication, etc.
Communication interface  RS232、RS485、CAN
Working voltage  Service voltage: DC 24V

  Working temperature: -10℃~50℃; storage temperature: -25℃~55℃;

  relative humidity: 15%~85%

Recommended type  Middle and small vertical injection molding machines

  Parameters of the product may be changed due to technical updateor    improvement without prior notice. All ordered products and 

  parameters are 

subject to the physical product.




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